Real Life Self Defense Review

REAL LIFE Self-Defense Review – Does It Work?

Be honest, who wouldn’t buy an e-program about self-defense that has been created by a man that has been a paratrooper, trained several government agencies and is in the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame? Nobody, cool. Then it is going to be easy to sell this.

There have been moments in life where you were caught in moments where you couldn’t help yourself or someone that you cared about. There have been moments that you were too weak to do anything to help a person that was in need.

What Do You Get?

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There is one thing that you can have with you at all times that provides a level of protection that can help you to overcome some of the major issues that most people experience. I’m not talking about carrying a gun or any other type of weapon, I’m talking about knowledge. The Real-Life Self-Defense program provides you with the knowledge you need to avoid and overcome these types of situations. Primarily, it does so by keeping you from becoming a target.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you are unable to avoid the potential danger, this program will provide you with the ability to overcome the situation with the knowledge that it provides. It comes in a three-part video series that includes the following information:

  1. Protection and Targets– It doesn’t matter what size you are, there are methods of protection that can help you to get out of any type of threatening situation. When you understand where to attack, when to attack and how to attack, it can help you get out of the situation quickly and provides you with the time that is necessary to get away safe.
  2. Natural Bodily Weapons – You don’t need to carry a gun in order to be fully armed. The fact of the matter is, you have every weapon that you could ever need right on your own person. When you understand how to use your body as a natural weapon, you would be amazed at how much damage you are able to inflict. In fact, using these natural weapons can help you overcome any situation, regardless of your size or the size of the attacker.
  3. Subject Control– It isn’t only about protecting yourself when you come up against these situations, it’s also about controlling the subject and keeping them from regaining the upper hand. In this video series, you will learn how to control the attacker so that you take all of their power away from them.

Bonus 1: Rape Escape – One of the most frightening types of attacks is rape but rest assured, there are specific things you can do in order to avoid this situation and if it does occur, to protect yourself and stop it dead in its tracks.

Bonus 2: Knife Defense – A knife attack is a real possibility in today’s world. This video shows you how to get out of that situation safely.

How Does the REAL LIFE Self-Defense by Mike Gillette Work?

With this program, you will be given all that you need to have when you want to make sure that you are safe from all attacks that may be directed at you. As you have seen from the review that I have been giving you so far, there is only good to be had from this program.

Now, with this one, you will not only be taking the lessons by reading some instructions but you will have the video that will clearly illustrate that what you need to be doing is this and that. There is something about seeing that is clear, concise and very easy to remember.

With this one, you will get the form and the technique and that is what is important in any self-defense lesson that you can have.

Who Is Mike Gillette?

We all love to know that we are taking these pieces of advice from experts. So, is Mike one of these? Well, he is more than qualified. He has trained several government agencies. He has been put up in the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, he was a SWAT commander, a paratrooper in the army and worked with homeland security in counter-terrorism.

So, yeah, this is the guy that you are looking for. This is the guy that you want to be taking order for self-defense from.

The Positive and Negative Reviews

I tried to think of something negative to say about this video series but only positive things can come out of it. The unfortunate reality is that we live in a world that requires us to prepare ourselves for the inevitability of a physical attack.

The techniques that are put forth in this Real-Life Self-Defense video series are designed for the average person so you don’t need to be a martial arts expert or have years of training in order to put these to work in your own life. Hopefully, you will never need to use them but if you do need them, it is imperative that you master them.

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