Powerful and Simple Self Defense Techniques

The following pages show OPTIONS for self-defense in a number of situations and body areas. They really are options though because there is no 100% right and wrong in most incidents, the only important thing is that you DO act. 

In fact, the only wrong approach would be to do nothing. 

The techniques are designed to be powerful, simple and largely intuitive so they should be easy to pick up and flow in a natural manner. You don’t like them? That’s fine too – they are only a starting point to get you thinking of the right approach for you. 

One type of defense is great for one person while it may be useless for another. Are you 6’6” but built like a beanpole? – Reach is your friend. Heavy-set and shorter? – You will have stability and power. Adapt these methods for your own use.

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Where is?… 

Wondering where the defense against a flying kick or Samurai Sword-wielding madman is?

It’s impossible to detail the appropriate defense and counterattack against every possible aggressor. People come in all shapes and sizes and with a huge variety of abilities. Some are drunk, high, or just plain crazy and some are none of those. Because of this, it is not worthwhile trying to figure out how to defeat every variable. 

You will see there aren’t hundreds of techniques listed here. This is again intentional. We aren’t trying to learn some complicated system; simplicity is the key to effectiveness. Most attacks follow the same lines and so we can usually prepare for the most common threats and the direction they come from without getting bogged down in learning hundreds of methods for countering rare and unusual attacks. 

It is better to be proficient at a small amount of the most useful techniques than poor at every technique. 

About The Images 

They say a picture paints a thousand words and images certainly do help in understanding what movements and combinations look like. 

The pictures in this guide are designed to give you an overview of what techniques look like when performed but they aren’t perfect. There’s a part of me that would love to have 100% accurate representations of the self-defense techniques included but I ultimately realized that life isn’t perfect either. 

Including images of intricately arranged blocks and flawless stances would be a false representation of the real world. 

The real world is dirty, noisy, rough and imperfect on every level. 

Hence these pictures though clear, aim to show the broad techniques applied in a realistic, if not perfect manner, all performed by a mix of people. Not all Self-Defense veterans with years of experience in combat arts. 

Thanks to those people who helped me out with these pictures in performing techniques. Many of you asked to be anonymous but you know who you are! 

Note: To avoid repetition, the very first and last move in many of the techniques has not been illustrated since it is almost always the same. 

  • Any technique starts with the open-hand guarding block
  • Any technique ends with the return to open-hand guarding block, a scan

(look around) and escape, (running away).

You will find that the broad movements, the key points, are the most important with regards to self-defense. Keeping your hands up, protecting your head and delivering a good strike and escape all deliver better returns for your effort than spending hours obsessing over a foot position or complicated joint lock. Image from Flicker by Francis 



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With this one, you will get the form and the technique and that is what is important in any self-defense lesson that you can have.


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