How to keep your pets safe during a disaster?

Keep your pets safe during an emergency 

The probability of getting struck by an emergency is high wherever you live in the world. Some areas see more storms while others experience earthquakes. You can always make preparations to survive such events but can never be sure when the disaster will strike. It often does when you are least prepared. 

Insurance is the recommended option to cover for disasters. This helps you protect your family from natural or man-made disasters. There is one thing missing in the plan though. It is the pets you have in your house. The easiest way is to leave them on their own in case of emergency. This will be the hardest thing to do. You cannot get them covered under insurance either. What, then, is the best way to protect your pets during a disaster? 

Pet Safety during Disasters 

It is easier to care for your pet during ordinary conditions. It, however, becomes very difficult to protect them when a calamity strikes. You need to make contingency plans to ensure the pets stay safe and healthy during emergencies. 

The encouraging thing is that now you can ensure survival for your pets during emergencies. There are options available that you can follow to ensure the wellbeing of your pets. Here are some of the tips you can follow. 

Pet Rescue Sticker 

Getting an ET rescue sticker enables you to seek help in case of an emergency. It works like this. You get a sticker from the respective facilities. The stickers come in many bright colors and indicate the type of kid you have in your house. These stickers can be tagged to a window, a door or a gate so as to make it visible to the naked eye. It will make it easier for rescuers to respond accordingly and save your pet. 

Enlist the help of your Neighbors

 Letting your neighbors being part of your pet rescue plan is a good idea. Your neighbors can rescue your pet dog, cat or birds if you are not at home and a disaster has struck. They can either take it with them or alert the rescuers who can them come and take it to safety. 

Keep the Management Informed 

Do you live in an apartment or a condominium? It will most likely have a management that you can inform about your pets. They will alert you in case an emergency arises and you can take prompt measures. They can also help rescue the pets if you are unable to reach the building. 

Know the Veterinarian Contact Number 

Pet owners sometimes overlook the importance of keeping their vet’s number in contacts. This can backfire in emergency situations when your dog or cat needs treatment. Having your vet’s contact number on the speed dial can make it easier to seek treatment.

Pet Carriers 

Animals often sense danger well in advance. They can also get frightened and become uncontrollable. It thus becomes necessary to keep them in pet carriers. They can otherwise let loose and run away and endanger themselves. Even a collar and leash can prove handy to keep your pet beside you during evacuations. 

Pet Emergency Box

 Keep an emergency kit ready for your pet. It should have basic supplies such as pet food, chewing toys, and necessary medicine. 

Name Tags 

Another way of ensuring pet safety is to add name tags with your name and contact number on it. This will help you in tracking back your pet in case you were separated from it. 

Install a Microchip

 Adding microchips to your pets will make it easier to track them. You can have the installation for a few bucks and the information can be synced with the nearby animal shelters. This will make it a breeze to reunite with your pet after a disaster. 

Taking these steps will enable you to ensure pet safety even during the worst of disasters. Your pets will remain safe and you can reunite with them when things get better. You can also give you some assurance that you did your best to ensure the safety of your beloved pets. 

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