How to Fight Blind

Of course, losing any one of our senses is a problem, but not being able to smell is unlikely to affect your ability to stay safe on the streets. (In some places it may reduce distractions!) 

Losing or damaging our vision, however, is a major handicap if we need to protect ourselves. There are a number of ways it can happen; a strike to the eye, sweat, or most commonly, a strike to the nose causing the eyes to well up. (This actually works both ways so can be used to your advantage).

Needless to say, protecting our face and head is of paramount importance, this is a point emphasized many times within this guide. 

When you are blinded though, you must turn to your other senses for awareness. We have Touch and Hearing as our backup weapons.

–       Listen carefully for noises, sounds of footfalls or talking.

–       Reach with your hands while still protecting your head. If you can touch something you can strike it.

Try this exercise;

  1. With a partner try hitting a moving focus pad. Pretty easy right?
  2. Now close your eyes and try the same. Almost impossible.
  3. Finally, reach out and grab the edge of the pad with one hand and strike it with the other. Despite having your eyes closed, and the pad moving, you will be able to hit it.  

Even with no sight, we have an instinctive awareness of our own body, its reach, and position. Think about it. If you close your eyes you can still touch a finger to your nose. We can, therefore, hit something we can’t even see providing we can touch it with the other hand.

This guiding hand only needs a light contact for us to be able to engage our other hand, leg, knees or elbow, although a punch or Palm-Heel is easiest.  This exercise can be repeated with increased movement or even distance, using voice and sound to also guide a partner to the striking target or focus pad. 


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