Grappling in Self Defense

If you are taking on an aggressive group of kids locking yourself into an armbar with one of them leaves you dangerously exposed to the rest. Not to mention the danger of being at a height disadvantage to all around you.

There are two reasons I haven’t included much in the way of ground fighting tips in this guide. 

Firstly is my experience. In all honesty, I have very little when it comes to grappling styles and it would be a disservice to you, the reader if I started suggesting things I have no knowledge of. 

This isn’t because I have avoided these styles. I have nothing but respect for them. I have simply not found a club I have been able to attend long enough to gain authority on the subject. 

Conversely, for some reason, there has always been a plethora of excellent striking and self –defense classes around me that I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of. 

However, I definitely did not want to leave out a crucial part of self-defense, if indeed grappling turned out to be one. With that in mind, I undertook in-depth research and enquired with some of the best Martial Arts and self- defense clubs in the country and tried to find out how valid grappling is in real- life. 

The answer brings me to my second reason for its lack of inclusion. Ground fighting (grappling) is generally NOT recommended for a self-defense situation.

Almost everyone I spoke to espoused the benefits of learning ground fighting but not for street defense. This is because A. You don’t know what the ground will be like and B. You don’t know how many people you will have to engage. 

If the floor is covered with glass (as in many nightclubs), or rocks, for example, the last thing you want is to be throwing yourself on it. 

There are some limited cases where good grappling skills will come in useful on the street. If conditions all line up you may be at an advantage but these are rare and remember this guide is all about 3 Seconds. If you can’t get in, get out and run it’s probably not much use to you.


If you’d like to learn more (and I still recommend them for fitness and technique) look into the following: 

–       Brazillian Jujitsu

–       Traditional Jujitsu

–       Judo

–       Sambo

–       Wrestling 

How to Fall Properly It may sound odd but falling correctly is quite an art form. In a real-life self- defense situation you don’t want to be on the ground, for many reasons we’ve already covered. But, if you do find yourself taking a tumble, landing correctly can make the difference between being able to quickly get back up or face- planting and taking yourself out of the fight.

 The Break-Fall 

The break-fall is a technique practiced in a variety of martial arts including types of Judo and Jujitsu. The basic principle is that you shape your body to reduce the damage taken when you hit the ground and spread the impact across a larger surface area. 

You can investigate the detail of this technique in any of the numerous videos online but in essence, you are aiming to lightly strike the ground with the flat of your palms as your backside and lower back hit the deck while tucking the head in to stop it impacting the floor. 

  1. You know you are going down, accept it and prepare to act.
  2. Start to fold your body down starting at the lowest joints and moving up through the body, basically taking control of the descent.
  3. If falling backward tuck your head into your chest to prevent it hit- ting the floor and knocking you out. 
  1. As the majority of your body hits the ground slap your palms firmly(but not forcefully) into the ground to spread the impact. This could be forward or backward depending on your descent.
  2. Breathe out. Try to breathe naturally and exhale as you impact to reduce body tension.
  3. If falling from some height, carry the motion into a roll in the natural direction the body is moving. 
  4. Come to a stop  and get up, quickly! 


How Does the REAL LIFE Self-Defense by Mike Gillette Work?

With this program, you will be given all that you need to have when you want to make sure that you are safe from all attacks that may be directed at you. As you have seen from the review that I have been giving you so far, there is only good to be had from this program.

Now, with this one, you will not only be taking the lessons by reading some instructions but you will have the video that will clearly illustrate that what you need to be doing is this and that. There is something about seeing that is clear, concise and very easy to remember.

With this one, you will get the form and the technique and that is what is important in any self-defense lesson that you can have.


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