46 Simple Life Hacks for Dog Owners

Over the years I’ve learned quite a few tips & tricks that owning a dog a bit easier. Some of it was learned by reading & research, but most of it was learned the old fashioned way — through trial & error. Here are 46 simple life hacks for dog owners:

Life Hacks For Dog Owners: Housekeeping & Cleaning Tips

1. Use Covers to Keep Your Furniture Fur-Free

Do you allow your pets on the furniture? If you do you’re well aware of how hard is to keep them clean. My favorite tip for keeping your furniture clean and fur-free is to use a cover. You can use sheets, blankets or slipcovers — and if you want something to match your decor you can get them custom made. When it’s cleaning time you just throw those covers in the wash & you’re good to go.

2. Dryer Sheets Pick up Dog Hair Like Crazy

Looking for a simple way to pick up some of that dog hair? Use dryer sheets. They pick up loose dog hair on fabric like magic. Just rub a dryer sheet over your couch or wherever else pet hair collects and watch as it clings right to it.

3. Use Rubber Gloves to Pick up Stray Dog Hair

Does your dog’s hair get everywhere, or is it just me? My favorite method for picking up all that loose hair is using a pair of rubber gloves. You put them on and run your hands over your furniture; it’s amazing how well pet hair clings to rubber gloves.

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