10 easy DIY bedroom hacks to get more space

The bedroom is one room of the home where ideas for rearranging and saving space are usually welcomed with open arms. At the end of the drawing board, however, the most cost-effective solutions tend to involve finding new ways to make the best of what you’ve got (we’re looking at you, tiny closet). To help get the creative juices flowing, we’ve listed ten-bedroom hacks to reorganize clutter and create clean space in the areas you need it most.

1. Create a Bedside Duo with this DIY Short Desk

Need the functions of both a desk and a nightstand but lacking space for multiple pieces of furniture? Let a DIY short desk do the work of both by placing it right next to the bedside, like this one from Apartment Therapy. With one piece of furniture doing double duty, this simple hack is one of the quickest arrangements to maximize space in your bedroom.

via Apartment Therapy

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